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Our employees are at the heart of everything we do. All around the world, Proman people are known for their best-in-class engineering and operating capabilities. Today, as an organisation of over 2,000 people, Proman is led by the same values as when the company was founded.

These values, which underpin all of our work, mean that we forge strong relationships, think long-term and adapt in times of change.

We encourage our employees to make a difference to the communities where Proman operates and support them in their professional development to make the best of their talent and potential.

To find out more about how our values guide our work, and career opportunities across the Proman family of companies, click on the links below.


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Why join the Proman family?

Our recruitment philosophy is underpinned by our values, and our commitment to nurturing our people and enabling them to make the best of their talent and reach their full potential. When you join the Proman family of companies, you will be embarking on a career, not just a job.

Across Proman, we invest in our staff. We nurture and develop our people, providing the leadership, structures and means for all to make the best use of their talent and abilities. Our employees regularly start out as trainees and remain with us for their entire careers, and have opportunities to move between our companies, sharing their expertise globally. We are proud to have a higher proportion of Trinbagonian nationals in our Switzerland head office than there are overseas nationals within Proman Trinidad and Tobago.

Camaraderie and team work is at the heart of the Proman approach. We pride ourselves on building strong and supportive relationships across the business, as well as with local partners and communities. We actively encourage our employees to make a positive difference to the communities where Proman operates and empower our teams to give back.

Our values


We take our commitments seriously. To each other, to our families and to our society. Commitment and loyalty require endurance, resilience and sometimes just stubbornness and hard work. We do not shy from any of that.


However hard something is to achieve or however long the struggle, we never sacrifice our integrity. We stick to our principles and act with honesty and respect. Because we know that there is always something more important than today, and that’s our personal and collective commitment to doing the right thing.


Our fellowship, not only to our colleagues, but also to our customers and suppliers is what stands us apart. We are trustworthy, open, sociable and aim to bring others along with us.

Long-term thinking

We strongly believe in entrepreneurial risk taking and while we aim to move quickly and decisively, we do know that true success is built with planning, care, attention and a very long-term view.


We are relentless in our decision-making. We are confident that mistakes can be mitigated by further informed decisions and with the support of our colleagues. By the same token, we trust the judgement of our peers and always stand ready to help.


We excel at adapting to a changing world, grasping opportunities and overcoming the many challenges we face. This confidence comes from an optimistic belief that, no matter what tomorrow brings, we will adapt and thrive.


Interested in a career at Proman? Contact the relevant office for your region

Positions within our Trinidad and Tobago operations cover the entire range of role types, from Engineering to HR and Finance.

Our German office brings together teams with expertise including project development, engineering, project management, finance, procurement and much more.
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At our HQ, teams oversee our global operations, and we have teams focused on project development and management for large scale engineering and construction projects worldwide.

Our US-based teams cover a wide range of roles including project development and financing, natural gas marketing, accounting and treasury, project management and construction, and operations and maintenance.

Traineeships and Graduate Programmes

Across a number of our companies we offer year-round traineeships for graduates and school-leavers, providing the opportunity to join dynamic and growing teams, receive training and progress in your career. Get in touch with the relevant office to find out more.

Trinidad & Tobago

Graduate in training

An 18-month programme for recent university graduates in a range of fields, offering the opportunity to enhance education through work experience.


Trinidad & Tobago

Process Operator Trainee

One-year programme to provide industry exposure to Trinidad and Tobago nationals with recently obtained certification in: Process Plant Operations (PPO), Mechanical Engineering Technician (MET), Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technician (EEET) or Chemical Engineering (CET).

Trinidad & Tobago

Maintenance Technician Trainee

Two-year programme to provide industry exposure to Trinidad and Tobago nationals with recently obtained certification in either Mechanical Engineering or Electrical and Electronic Engineering.