Methanol production, Trinidad and Tobago

Proman has 5 methanol production facilities in Trinidad and Tobago which are owned and operated by its subsidiary companies, MHTL and IPSL, and headquartered on the Point Lisas Industrial Estate. The M5000 plant was started in 2005 and produces 5,000 metric tons of methanol per day. through the utilization of purge gas streams from the existing plants, it is also capable of producing an additional 400 metric tons of methanol per day. The combined production of 5,400 metric tons makes M5000 the largest stand-alone methanol plant in the world.

Methanol Trinidad Proman

Nominal annual capacity [metric tons]
480,000 M1 (TTMC I)
M2 (CMC)
575,000 M3 (TTMC II)
M4 (MIV)

Johnson Matthey PLC M1, M2, M3, M4, M5000

Year fully commissioned
1984 M1 (TTMC I)
1993 M2 (CMC)
1996 M3 (TTMC II)
1998 M4 (MIV)
2005 M5000