Eurotecnica, Italy

Leading technology provider

Established in 1962 in Milan, Italy, and acquired by Proman in 2007, Eurotecnica is a leading technology provider. Eurotecnica's technologies are applied in client facilities as far afield as Abu Dhabi, Brazil, China, Malaysia, Poland, Qatar and Trinidad and Tobago.

Eurotecnica has pioneered three technologies: Euromel® Melamine Process, the leading technology for the production of melamine; ET Black Process, the technology of reference for producing carbon black obtained by thermal decomposition of highly aromatic oils; and ET Sun Energy Process, used in thermal energy storage systems applied at Concentrated Solar Power plants (CSP) for enhancing electric power dispatchability.

Eurotecnica Contractors and Engineers S.P.A.
Via R. Bracco 6
20159 Milan