Ammonia production, Trinidad and Tobago

Proman is one of the ten leading global fertilizer companies. Our ammonia production facilities in Trinidad and Tobago are located on the Point Lisas Industrial Estate and have a combined annual capacity of almost 2 million metric tons.

The CNC and N2000 plants which produce anhydrous ammonia for export are joint ventures in which Proman is the majority shareholder. CO₂ off-gas is sold to Proman's methanol facilities and AUM complex for use in the methanol and urea production processes to reduce emissions. The final product is marketed and distributed by our long-time partner Koch Industries.

The AUM ammonia plant is wholly owned by Proman’s subsidiary company MHTL, with most of the ammonia from this plant being consumed by the company’s AUM complex, which produces urea ammonium nitrate 32% solution and melamine.


Nominal annual capacity [metric tons]
650,000 CNC
650,000 N2000
AUM ammonia

Kellogg Advanced Ammonia Process CNC
Kellogg Advanced Ammonia Process
Kellogg Advanced Ammonia Process AUM ammonia

Year fully commissioned
2002 CNC
2009 AUM ammonia