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The Proman Group donates TT$1M to aid flood victims

Following last week’s devastating floods, the Proman Group with local subsidiaries MHTL, DeNovo Energy, Industrial Plant Services Limited (IPSL), Process Energy (Trinidad) and Proman AG (Trinidad) has offered support by donating TT$1 million to assist in the relief efforts. The money, channelled through the Living Water Community will be used to assist families as they get back on their feet and rebuild their lives.

“The flooding has caused great damage and disruption for many local communities. Our teams across the business have been helping to provide support on the ground with IPSL preparing and delivering food hampers for the local community, MHTL funding mattresses and bedding, and Proman AG Trinidad making contractor vehicles available to move people and equipment through flooded areas. Through this donation we now want to focus on long-term restorative efforts to help families rebuild their lives beyond the clean-up stage”, stated Chief Executive of the Proman Group, David Cassidy.

Dr Euric Bobb, Chairman of MHTL said, “We applaud everyone who has come to the assistance of the flood victims. They have paved the way for others to help these families in the long run, as they return, bit by bit, to getting their lives back to normal.”

“This significant donation will help us move to the next critical stage which is the recovery and restorative phase. We need to ensure that these families and communities become ‘whole’ again. The Proman Group’s donation will be focused there.”

Rhonda Maingot, Director at Living Water Community stated.

Since last week, the Living Water Community has been a collection and distribution point for cooked food and relief supplies going out to thousands of affected persons. The Proman Group believes sustainability is critical at this stage as flood victims face the next step of their recovery.