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Proman Group announces sponsorship of Heroes Foundation comic book series celebrating the life of Professor Kenneth Julien

Proman Group has today announced that it will sponsor the production of a new comic book series on the life of Professor Kenneth Julien highlighting his life and achievements.

Dr Euric Bobb, Chairman of Methanol Holding Trinidad Limited (MHTL), a subsidiary of the Proman Group, announced the partnership on behalf of Proman earlier today at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Trinidad and Tobago (IEEETT) conference to honour Professor Julien’s life. He said, “Professor Julien’s impact on Trinidad and Tobago has been fundamental and we must ensure that our current and future generations understand the role he has played in shaping our country.

“I am proud to announce that Proman Group will be playing a small part in doing so, by supporting a new comic book series on the life of Professor Julien, solicited by the Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago and produced by the Heroes Foundation of Trinidad and Tobago. The Foundation will create the comic book as part of their Heroes of a Nation Comic Book Series, focusing on the life and achievements of the Professor.

This publication, the 11th from the Foundation, is 100% locally produced and uses sequential art storytelling in an inspirational and educational fashion. We look forward to this partnership and wish the Chamber and the Foundation the very best with this venture.”

The Heroes Foundation aims to inspire youth to be proactive citizens and to become positive change agents in their areas of influence, creating positive change at both the community and national levels.

Mrs. Najette Abraham, CEO of the Heroes Foundation, said, “I am extremely pleased that the Proman Group has agreed to be a main sponsor of this publication, to ensure that the Professor’s remarkable story is shared in a relevant and meaningful way to the most important demographic of tomorrow’s society – the youth of this nation.”