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Proman celebrates opening of new historic building at Maria Regina Grade School

The Proman family of companies joined the principal, teachers, parents and students at the Maria Regina Grade School to celebrate the restoration and extension of the school’s historic building at a ribbon cutting ceremony held on February 27th, 2020.

Improving access to quality education and sustainable skills development has long been a central component of Proman’s commitment to the development of Trinidad and Tobago. This is essential as the company maintains a focused investment agenda to empower young people across all levels of the education system to develop the knowledge, values and passion to be the future leaders of society.

Following the earthquake of August 21st, 2018, the building which housed the school ‘s office and staff room was badly damaged and subsequently demolished in 2019. Proman was happy to step in and support the refurbishment efforts to construct a Gymnasium, as this facility goes beyond the provision of a solid academic foundation for the students. It also delivered on a key aspiration of creating a healthy space to stimulate other creative avenues for teaching and learning. Great care was also taken to preserve the key historic features of the structure throughout this process.

Speaking at the ceremony, Claus Cronberger, Managing Director, Proman Trinidad & Tobago said:

“Meaningful investments in students’ well-being is important, and at Proman, we believe education is a fundamental driver of personal, national and global development. Proman is proud to be an advocate for projects that promote learning and overall development of children in Trinidad and Tobago.”

The school’s principal, Elizabeth Crouch, expressed her appreciation to Proman and all other parties involved in the reconstruction of the new building. She said:

“It is with a sense of deep gratitude and prayerful appreciation, that we celebrate the establishment of these new and important teaching and learning spaces which underscore our commitment to the holistic development of our children.”

As Proman continues on its path of innovation and collaboration in Trinidad and Tobago, we are proud to partner with the Maria Regina Grade School and other institutions that play an important role in the educational development of the nation’s children.