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MHTL sponsors Starlift Steel Orchestra for three more years

MHTL is pleased to announce that it has renewed its sponsorship with the Starlift Steel Orchestra. The contribution to the three-time Panorama champions in the amount of TT$3 million will cover the next three years. The funding will go towards the growth and development of the Band, including preparations for Panorama competitions, and its education and cultural initiatives in the community.

MHTL which is a subsidiary of the Proman Group, sees Starlift’s continued work as a contribution to the well-being of the people of Trinidad and Tobago through education, training and personal development. When Starlift Steel Orchestra was formed in 1956, the band made it clear it would be a group to be reckoned with. The band’s ambition was to be involved in all aspects of the steelband movement and build a viable organization. Six decades later, the band continues to live the legacy that was established by its first captain Jene Peters.

The stalwart band from Woodbrook continues to be a hub of community development, welcoming young and seasoned players, in an effort to create deft musicians and share a cultural craft that can keep them focused. Of course, by performing, they also generate a healthy spirit with their music which is shared with the Woodbrook and St James communities as well as at other places where they play.

Chairman of MHTL, Dr Euric Bobb said the support for Starlift meant more than just providing funding for Panorama. “We see this as an opportunity to support community development which is an integral part of nation building. The band has strong character – six decades strong. The band’s longevity shows that they are focused beyond the bragging rights of Panorama and look towards continuity of an artform which is an integral element of our national identity,” he said.

MHTL’s CEO Dennis Patrick noted that MHTL continues to recognize the value of supporting communities. “This is an investment in social development through culture. MHTL believes that only positive outcomes can be derived from this. We look forward to the next three years as we provide Starlift with the support it needs,” he said.

Starlift’s sponsorship falls under MHTL’s commitment to corporate social responsibility in Trinidad and Tobago. In addition to this sponsorship, MHTL has pledged its support to a number of other projects. One highlight is its support for St Margaret’s Youth Steel Orchestra, a Belmont-based band which is a product of the successful Pan Programme initiated by St. Margaret’s Boys Anglican Primary School in 2002. MHTL sponsored the band’s trip to Carnegie Hall when it was selected to perform at the 2015 New York Sounds of Summer International Music Festival and has also funded other overseas trips since.

David Cassidy, Chief Executive of Proman, said, “Over the years, MHTL and Proman have made a meaningful contribution to the development of the Trinidad and Tobago through structured social programmes, with particular emphasis on culture and education. Our commitment to supporting undertakings such as these is founded on the belief that investing in communities and young people is among the more meaningful interventions the corporate sector can make.”