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New 60,000 ton/year melamine complex for Eurotecnica

On April 18th, 2019, Proman Group’s Milan based Eurotecnica Company and JAMG Group’s Shanxi Jinfeng Coal Chemical Co., Ltd. sealed a cooperation agreement for the implementation of 60,000 ton/year melamine project.

This new brownfield melamine complex is the third 60,000 ton/year single-reactor/single-purification plant in a row for Eurotecnica, and the fifth one based on the 4th Generation (G4) of Euromel® Melamine Process.

Totaling twenty-two units and more than 730,000 ton/year in licensed nameplate capacity, Euromel® Melamine is the undisputed technology of reference in the melamine industry.

Alberto De Amicis, CEO of Eurotecnica, on this new project: “We are honored to work together with Shanxi Jinfeng Coal Chemical Co., Ltd., a company belonging to JAMG Group’s, one of the most important Coal and Chemical conglomerates in China and in the world. This major project will further strengthen Eurotecnica’s market position in Asia.

Moreover, we are proud of the popularity that Euromel® Melamine technology has among the owners of fertilizers complexes, certainly thanks to remarkable features such as simple integration of urea-melamine units, total-zero-pollution, low energy consumption and superior reliability.”