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Formation of HELM Proman Methanol AG

HELM AG, Proman AG and Southern Chemical Corporation (SCC) today announced a significant restructuring of their regional methanol marketing activities to establish the global joint venture HELM Proman Methanol AG.

The international marketing network of HELM AG, Proman AG and SCC and their subsidiaries will join together to become HELM Proman Methanol AG, creating a global leader in the methanol marketing industry. The three partners have worked closely together in the past.

Hans-Christian Sievers, Chairman of the Executive Board of HELM AG, commented:

“We are convinced that founding HELM Proman Methanol AG is the right response to our customers’ wishes. The strong rise in demand for methanol and the expansion of our production-plant activities necessitate a company that can steer its methanol marketing globally, and thus fulfil our customers’ requirements even better.”

The new company will launch its operational activities on 01 July 2018 and will be headquartered in Wollerau, Switzerland, with two further principal offices in Houston, USA, and Singapore.

David Cassidy, CEO of Proman AG, said:

“HELM Proman Methanol AG is an exciting new development for the business, creating a global trading platform to deliver a high quality and reliable service from a single source. We plan to rank among the world’s best in methanol marketing, fully aligned with our customers’ interests.”

At 57% HELM AG will hold a majority stake in the joint venture, while Proman AG will hold 38% and Jan W. Spin, CEO and shareholder of SCC, will hold 5%. Jan W. Spin: “HELM Proman Methanol AG will draw on the strengths and achievements of its founding partner companies to create a global leader in the methanol industry.”