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CNC & N2000

Products & services Reliable global ammonia supply chain including production and distribution

Caribbean Nitrogen Company Limited (CNC) and Nitrogen (2000) Unlimited (N2000) are part of the Proman family of companies and own two world-scale anhydrous ammonia plants on the Point Lisas Industrial Estate in Trinidad and Tobago. Bringing together extensive global expertise and insight in ammonia technology and the ammonia market, the two companies achieved international recognition during Proman’s development and commissioning of the plants, which began production in 2002 and 2004 respectively.

CNC and N2000, alongside global partners, produce, market and distribute anhydrous ammonia, which is a globally traded commodity. Ammonia produced at CNC and N2000 is marketed exclusively by Koch Fertilizer LLC to customers located in Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America.

About 0.7 million metric tons of carbon dioxide by-product from the plants is sold annually to other Point Lisas plants for use in methanol and urea production, reducing our carbon footprint.


metric tons as a combined annual production capacity


metric tons of CO₂ by-product sold to other Point Lisas plants, reducing emissions


year when production began at CNC


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