Diversified energy producer

A global footprint

Founded in 1984, Proman started as a PROject MANagement company specialized in the construction of large industrial projects. Today we are a global leader in natural gas derived products and services.

Headquartered in Switzerland, we are a multi-asset, multi-regional diversified energy producer with methanol and fertilizer production facilities in Trinidad and Tobago, the United States and Oman and we are currently expanding into Mexico.

Our expertise

Proman has a global presence in the production, sales and distribution of natural gas derived products, including methanol, ammonia, melamine and UAN solution, as well as assets for the production of natural gas onshore in the United States and offshore in Trinidad and Tobago. Proman is also a significant services business, with extensive experience in engineering, plant operations, petrochemical and power plant construction, product marketing and logistics, project management and project development. We cover all aspects of the gas molecule's journey from extraction through to production and onwards to the delivery of the final product to our partners. We are proud to have created a fully integrated value chain within our Group.

Our vision

Our vision guides our activity on every level, it is the essence of our work:

We are a global leader in natural gas derived products and services. Our customers and partners trust us to deliver.

We set the industry standard for employee care, customer satisfaction, safety, environmental responsibility, performance and reliability.

We are unique in combining the entrepreneurial values, flexibility and integrity of a family-owned business with the efficiencies of full value chain integration and a global footprint. We are proud of our track record and of sharing our success with all our stakeholders.


Our development over the years


Proman's beginnings

Proman began specializing in the construction of large industrial manufacturing projects.


Operations company

Formation of Process Plant Services Limited which developed into Industrial Plant Services Limited (IPSL) as Proman's operations company. The local employees now operate 5 methanol and 2 ammonia plants and the 7 plant AUM complex on the Point Lisas Industrial Estate. The valuable in-house expertise is shared with other Proman production sites globally to achieve operational excellence in all our facilities.


Moving into production

Methanol production was established in Trinidad and Tobago with the construction and start-up of the Caribbean Methanol Company (CMC, now known as M2) plant on the Point Lisas Industrial Estate.


Methanol growth

Growth of the methanol business through the construction and start-up of the Trinidad and Tobago Methanol Company (TTMC II, now known as M3) plant, the Methanol IV Company plant (now known as M4) and the acquisition of Trinidad and Tobago Methanol Company (TTMC I, now known as M1). These assets were consolidated under Methanol Holdings (Trinidad) Limited (MHTL).

In 1997, Proman co-founded Southern Chemical Corporation (SCC) to market and distribute methanol in North America. As a customer-focused, reliable and safe partner, SCC has grown into one of the largest importers of methanol in North America.

2000 – 2004

Product diversification

Diversification into the fertilizer business with the construction and start-up of the Caribbean Nitrogen Company Limited (CNC) and Nitrogen (2000) Unlimited (N2000) ammonia plants.

2003 - 2005

World’s largest stand-alone methanol plant

Construction and start-up of the world’s largest stand-alone methanol plant M5000 with a capacity of 5,400 metric tons per day adjacent to MHTL’s existing methanol plants. This almost doubled the Proman's methanol production capacity in Trinidad and Tobago.

2004 – 2007

Geographical diversification

Expansion into a new region through the construction and start-up of the Oman Methanol Company (OMC) 3,000 metric ton per day methanol plant in Sohar, strategically located to access Asian markets.

2006 – 2010

7 plant AUM complex

Further diversification of the fertilizer business was achieved through the construction and start-up of MHTL’s seven plant AUM (ammonia, urea ammonium nitrate, melamine) complex in Trinidad and Tobago.


G2X Energy, United States

Strategic entry into the United States to capitalize on increasingly accessible shale gas revenues. We acquired Houston based G2X Energy, Inc. (G2X) and subsequently constructed the Pampa, Texas methanol plant which started up in 2015.

2014 – 2018

Diversification into natural gas production

Acquisition of natural gas production assets in Colorado and Trinidad and Tobago.

2016 – 2018

Continued growth of the methanol business

CEL became the majority owner of G2X, financing the expansion of the methanol business through a 50% stake in Natgasoline LLC. Commercial operations of Natgasoline's 5,000 metric ton per day methanol plant in Beaumont, Texas started in 2018.


Formation of Proman Shipping AG

Launch of new petrochemical shipping company in Switzerland to provide a highly efficient and high-quality service for customers and to expand our geographic reach.


Formation of Helm Proman Methanol AG

We merged all our methanol marketing activities into a global joint venture called Helm Proman Methanol AG, which is headquartered in Switzerland.

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