A global leader in natural gas derived products

Our customers and partners trust us to deliver

Proman is one of the world’s largest methanol producers, and a leading fertilizer producer globally. We have operations and assets all over the world including in Europe, the United States, Trinidad and Tobago, and the Sultanate of Oman. We are also currently expanding into Mexico. Proman is committed to being a responsible partner in all of the markets in which we operate.

We offer customers a fully integrated, diversified platform across the whole value chain from the production and conversion of natural gas, to the marketing and delivery of end products to customers. Proman also has extensive engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) experience, as well as substantial project development and project management capabilities.

Our approach

Proman is unique in combining the entrepreneurial values, flexibility and integrity of a family-owned business with the efficiencies of full value chain integration and a global footprint. Our highly skilled and talented team collaborate across the business to deliver the best for our customers. Our people’s commitment and quality define us as a company, without them, regardless of the technology, processes and methodology we engage, we cannot perform at our optimum level. Our teams continue to safeguard our day-to-day operations as well as develop the way ahead for securing our future. Proman's success and reputation have been built on strong relationships with our partners, customers and local communities, and trust in our ability to deliver.

The safety culture in Proman is at the heart of all that we do. This will not be compromised. We are not complacent in managing the consequences of the hazards our businesses present day to day, and we are always compliant with local regulations operating a more stringent internal level of compliance than required. Our approach to protecting the environment mirrors that of our approach to safety. We strive to go above and beyond the regulatory requirements of the jurisdictions in which we operate. Proman is looking to operate long into the future and that future will only exist if we play an active role in setting the industry standard for environmental care.

Our global value chain

Proman offers a fully integrated, diversified platform across the whole value chain, from the production of natural gas to the marketing and delivery of end products to our customers around the world. Our project management skills, combined with plant operation expertise and a comprehensive understanding of our customers’ needs through our marketing and logistics competence, provide us with a unique perspective of our business. We are able to offer the expertise and efficiencies of full value chain integration and achieve global reach for our customers.

Our highly skilled teams around the world use their expertise and experience to deliver high quality services across the business in project development and project management, in the construction and upgrade of plants, in the management of plant operations as well as in the maintenance and turnarounds of existing facilities.

Our growth

Proman continuously reinvests in its portfolio. Over the years, we have added 8 methanol plants (M1, M2, M3, M4, M5000, OMC, Pampa Fuels, Natgasoline), 3 ammonia plants (CNC, N2000 and AUM ammonia) and the AUM downstream complex (AUM) which produces UAN and melamine. These have a combined annual installed production capacity of more than 10 million metric tons. Consolidated Energy Limited (CEL), a Proman majority owned joint-venture, has been the primary vehicle for the growth of our business.

Proman's commitment to being a global leader in natural gas derived products and services drives its long-term growth strategy in a cost efficient, capital conscious, and sustainable fashion.

Proman's cumulative annual production capacity