Since 1984, Proman has successfully provided and continues to provide world class project management, detailed engineering and procurement services via its European subsidiaries in Switzerland and Germany. It also offers full construction services on a lump sum turnkey basis through numerous worldwide subsidiaries, most notably Proman Trinidad and MKC Contracting. Further process engineering services and technology licensing are made available via its Italian subsidiary, Eurotecnica in Milan. Eurotecnica is particularly renowned for its High Pressure Melamine Process which has been licensed extensively in Europe, Asia and the Americas.


Methanol Holdings Trinidad Limited (“MHTL”) owns and operates five world-scale methanol plants in Trinidad and Tobago and has recently completed a US$ 1.7 billion Ammonia, Urea Ammonium Nitrate, Melamine Complex. MHTL is also the owner and operator of the world’s largest methanol manufacturing facility, the M5000 plant which produces 5,400 metric tonnes per day. In addition, MHTL is the largest supplier of methanol to North America and is also a significant supplier to the European Market. MHTL manages a fleet of ten dedicated methanol tankers and has entered into long term agreements for storage and distribution facilities, which are strategically located in the major markets, thereby allowing it to satisfy customer requirements under varying market conditions. Oman Methanol Company is a joint venture between Methanol Holding International Limited and Oman Methanol Holding Company, which is a division of the Omzest Group. Oman Methanol Company operates a plant producing 3,000 metric tonnes of methanol per day at its site in Sohar. The Caribbean Nitrogen Company`s ammonia facility was commissioned in 2002 and has the capacity to produce 650,000 metric tonnes of anhydrous ammonia per year. The Nitro 2000 Company`s ammonia facility was commissioned in 2004 and has the capacity to produce 650,000 metric tonnes of anhydrous ammonia per year.


Proman is the majority shareholder of the operations company Industrial Plant Services Limited, which has more than 900 employees and an annual production output of more than four million tonnes of methanol, two million tonnes of ammonia, sixty thousand tonnes of melamine and one million six hundred thousand tonnes of UAN32 solution. Industrial Plant Services Limited is a recognized world leader in plant commissioning management and plant operations. In addition to its class-leading reliability and operating rates, it prides itself on a first class safety programme.


Southern Chemical Corporation has grown to become one of the market leaders of methanol sales and distribution in the Western Hemisphere in just over a decade. In 2010, SCC further diversified its product portfolio with the addition of melamine. With strategically placed terminals and warehouses, an impressive vessel fleet and multiple production plants, SCC can meet the challenges of the market, regulatory changes and ever-expanding customer requirements.